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Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening process consists of a strict set of guidelines designed to assist in placing better tenants. Credit history, criminal background, rental experience, income/employment, and personal references are all taken into account.

  • Our application review begins with verifying that the applicant’s gross income is at least three times the rent to assure they can comfortably afford the rent.
  • We also carefully review the applicant’s credit history to determine if they are financially reliable. This includes ensuring the applicant has no outstanding balances with utility companies or former landlords.
  • Additionally, we take into account any bankruptcies, liens, or judgments the applicant may have had placed against them in the last 5 years.
  • Next, we obtain a comprehensive reference from the applicant’s current and/or former landlord, and utilize a nationwide search to check that the applicant has had no previous evictions. This is to make sure that we are not leasing out your home to an unreliable tenant with a bad rental history.
  • Finally, it’s crucial that the applicant has no felonies within the last 10 years. The major felonies that we flag are drug and sexual-related charges, vandalism, and violent crimes. No one wants an unlawful figure living in their property.

The bottom line of our tenant screening process is to ensure that each individual applicant will be a good fit to lease out your rental home. With the years of experience we have in performing this process, you can count on us to select only the most qualified tenants who will treat your property with respect.