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Fourth & Gill

Fourth & Gill is a classic Victorian neighborhood, with few mansions but lots of comfortable middle-class homes, built close to each other and mostly renovated, but with considerable individuality.

Attractions in Fourth & Gill include a couple of lovely old churches, like the impressive Gothic Revival monument in brick and stone known as Central United Methodist (1927) on Third Avenue–and the house at 820 North Fourth, not because it’s one of the neighborhood’s more eye-catching Victorians, but because it has housed Sassy Ann’s, an unusual multi-level nightclub that has been operating under several different names since the 1970s. Nearby, at the intersection of Fourth and Gill, is the Birdhouse, at 800 North Fourth, a multi-function community gathering and art space that has hosted art shows, poetry readings, and radio broadcasts.

Near Fourth & gill is a rare remnant of an era when Broadway was lined with gilded-age mansions. At 1306 North Broadway, Greystone (1890), built for Union veteran and millionaire investor Eldad Cicero Camp, is the last-known work of well-known Washington architect Alfred Mullett. Since 1961 it has been the headquarters of local TV station WATE.

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