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Property Marketing

It’s vital for rental property owners to keep their units leased. Every vacant rental home costs the property owner in taxes and maintenance costs. When choosing a property management firm, owners should look for a company that has high occupancy rates. We at Brick & Mortar Properties strive to maintain a 98.5 percent occupancy rate for all assets we manage. Moreover, we consistently exceed this mark.

Our marketing process begins with performing a current rent analysis and establishing a rent range which aims to produce higher rents and fewer vacancies. We then take high quality photos of the property to showcase its most desirable attributes. We also include 3-D virtual tours and/or videos of our vacancies where effective. Advertising and showings begin as soon as the home is rent ready.

Once the listing is prepared, we utilize mass syndication and online advertising on a wide array of websites. Traditional marketing efforts are also used by placing yard/window signage on the property, where allowed and deemed effective. Many of our showings take place on demand and at the convenience of the prospective resident. All these efforts give your rental home maximum exposure.


  • Comprehensive Rent Analysis
  • High Quality Photographs & Virtual Tour/Video of Property
  • Wide Reaching Online Listing Syndication
  • Consistent Follow-Up with Prospects
  • Application Handling & Thorough Review
  • Resident Approval
  • Seamless Move-in Coordination