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Property Inspections

Routine inspections are a crucial part of our job in ensuring your rental property is well taken care of. Whether it is a full annual inspection or a quick check-in during maintenance visits, we keep a close eye on things so that any issues uncovered can be resolved swiftly before progressing.

Brick & Mortar properties provides one free full inspection a year for each rental property under our care. This typically occurs prior to move-in to create a record of property conditions as a basis to determine any variance in the conditions upon eventual move-out, when a subsequent inspection would be performed.

In the interim, quality assurance inspections are completed any other time a property is entered, such as during a maintenance visit, assisting a tenant with a lock-out, meeting with a property assessor or other contractor to provide entry, etc.

In the event a tenant resides at a property for several years, a renewal inspection is completed each year prior to the lease expiring, and is evaluated to determine if and how we should proceed with renewing the tenant’s lease.

With each inspection a full report will be created, complete with a notation detailing the condition of each and every item at the property, as well as any comments pertaining to specific items requiring attention, and corresponding photos. Should anything need to be addressed, these detailed reports will be made available via our online owner portal.

Of all the inspections we perform, perhaps the most critical is the move-out inspection. Performing this inspection helps us determine the condition of the property when the tenant moves out. We typically schedule the walk-through on the day the tenant moves out. If it’s done too early, any damage that may be caused in the last few days or during the process of moving out could be overlooked. Sadly, this is quite common. (For example, floors or walls can easily be damaged in the process of moving large or heavy furniture.)

On the other hand, if we do this inspection too late, the tenants may claim the damage was not caused by them. Timing is crucial when it comes to move-out inspections and security deposit dispositions. As your trusted professional property management company, we make sure the timing is optimized and the required guidelines are met.