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Julie Thacker

Julie Thacker
Owner & Property Management Director

Julie opened Brick & Mortar Properties with over a decade in residential & commercial property management and real estate experience. During her tenure as a property manager, she has been privileged to manage over two hundred residential units, as well as a multitude of commercial properties all over the Southeast. In addition to her experience as a property manager, she has experience selling a high volume of commercial real estate, with an emphasis on multi-family investment properties.

Following her graduation from the University of Tennessee, Julie began her career in property management by managing a small portfolio of residential properties throughout the Knoxville area. After a couple of years of residential property management, Julie transitioned into brokering real estate sales for commercial properties throughout the Southeast region, spanning from Tennessee to Florida. In addition to brokering these sales, she also managed the properties, ensuring prompt and efficient rent collection and property maintenance across many miles.

Julie later returned to her focus on residential property management, leaning on her developed experience to grow her former modest portfolio to a large scale business platform specializing in management of single family homes and individual units throughout the Knoxville and surrounding areas. Over the years she has recruited a team of trusted professionals to assist with the day-to-day operations of her continually expanding management portfolio, and honed the systems in place designed to best serve her clients.

Presently, Julie is both an affiliate real estate broker, owner and property management director for Brick & Mortar Properties. She is available to meet your needs to market your properties for either sale or lease. Primarily, Julie brings her substantial experience to the management of your residential and commercial properties, guaranteeing the efficiency and profitability of your investment.

When not otherwise professionally engaged, Julie is an active resident of the Knoxville community, and spends much time enjoying the seasonal weather on her patio with the company of her two wiener dogs, Valyria & Dorne.