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Jeremy Logan

Jeremy Logan
Affiliate Broker

Representing Knoxville homeowners and future homeowners, Jeremy Logan is committed to listening to his clients’ needs and utilizing his keen knowledge of the market as well as his negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction.

Jeremy was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He came to Knoxville during his college years earning a B.S. degree from Johnson University and meeting his bride to be. After graduating, he married and moved to Peoria Illinois working with Caterpillar and raising two small boys over the course of 9 years. As much as he loved the life and relationships he built in Illinois, he wanted to be back in the South and closer to family. In 2013 an opportunity presented itself to move back to the Knoxville area and start a new career in real estate. With his personal experience of renovating homes and now moving his family across country, he chose to specialize in working with investors and property management. Helping individuals relocate through renting or buying a home gave him a since of satisfaction as he can relate to the difficulties it can present.

Jeremy is really into sports, nature and all things related. In his spare time he enjoys being out on the lake, hiking, college sports, coaching soccer and trying to keep up with his boys. Knoxville is a unique place that combines all of these wonderful things and more. Let Jeremy help you get settled into your home so you can discover what it is you love about living in Knoxville!